Click through this section to view images of my car.

I have photographed, scanned,
and stitched together interior and
exterior shots of my 1967 Pontiac GTO.
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Cars are one of my most intense obsessions. As a kid in high school I'd always envied the guys in my band- guitarist Bob drove a '69 firebird ragtop and bassist Steve had '70 Chevelle. I was left with the gear hauling love wagon '78 Malibu Classic. It went downhill from there.

Recently the desire to posses and resore one of these grand old machines has been within my grasp.
After several years of resarch and waiting for the right car to come along I landed my first ride, the right model year and in a color that I couldn't have picked out better (...the color of REAL money). This one actualy was within my limited buget and presented an ongoing project. This works for me- I'll get the enjoyment of seeing the eventual transformation - and - For now I've got a bitchin' driver.
For now the restoration is continuing with the gathering of replacement sheet metal and other parts. (Along with cash for the body and paint work)