Autorganic Photography:

Collection of work from '03/'04 focused on my interest in abstract architectural landscapes found in the reflections in my favorite subject: automobiles. Locations in New York City, Park City, Virginia City and Reno. This selection of fine art images are available in a limited edition of large format archival ink-jet prints in sizes 24" x 36" or 40" x 60".

Contact me for pricing information on prints and reproduction rights.


0503ROB0010NY_book 0604ROC0017RN_book 0604ROT0016NV_book 0404ROC0019NY_book 0104ROT0003UT_book
0503ROC0007NY_book 0104ROT0004UT_book 0204ROB0011NY_book 0504ROC0016NY_book 0104ROT0001UT_book
0903ROC0009NY_book 0104ROT0006UT_book 0404ROC0020NY 0204ROB0015NY_book_1 0604ROT0015NV_book
1202ROC0006NY_book 0604ROC0018RN_book 0304ROC0011NY_book 1004ROB0016NY 0104ROT0002UT_book
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