Jackson Hole Resort:
Documentary/Landscape Photography

A selection of work shot while boarding on the mountain during the winter season of '01-'02. This collection of prints was exhibited at the Brooklyn Ale house February of '05. Limited edition of large format archival ink-jet prints available in 16"x24". 16"x36", and 24" x36".

Contact me for information on print pricing.


0302AWR0005WY 0302AWR0006WY 0302AWR0007WY

0402AWR0011WY 0202AWW0001WY 0302AWR0010WY 0302AWR0012WY 0302AWR0008WY

0202AWR0001WY 0302AVW0001WY 0202TAS0003WY 0302NVP0007WY

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