Here we are at the beginning of the Rubicon Trail near Loon Lake in the Seirra wilderness about to put the shiny new '04 Jeep Rubicon to the test. The stock 32" tires and heavy duty axles will come into some good use.
  Always a good plan to air down for a smoother ride and better agility dealing with aggresive terrain.
Just make sure you know how much!
  Just around the corner and into the woods - The first challenging obstacle. I read somewhere others had referred to this pile of boulders as the gatekeeper - are you ready?
  After giving our line some consideration and stacking a few rocks we managed to scrape over this pile - our introduction to the Rubicon. The rush was intense as this was the beginning of quite a journey to prove ourselves and the design of the brand new rig.
  Making our way through the woods across the puddles. Water slowed us down a bit due to concern we'd get hung up underwater without the aid of a winch or others with a tow strap. This was easy.
  Hmmm, lets see here.
I think I can get down that.
  After a short climb through the woods we emerged onto a valley of granite slickrock with a nice view. Here we stopped to have a look and make some sandwiches for lunch while I shot some film. Dave checks our progress with the GPS.
  This ledge seemed a bit harsh - I spotted a good line down that wouldn't cause damage. In hindsight this wasn't all that agro. Lake Tahoe Thaddaway!
  A nice view of the terrain or granite and pines with David sitting in the foreground.
  Traveling along the top of the ridge we could see back to Loon Lake which seemed like it should be further away. This trip will take some time at this rate. We still had hopes of making Spider Lake for our first night of camping.
  Gratuitous profile shot of man with new toy.
  Another shot of fairly innocuous section of trail. At this point it seemed as though we'd accomplish our goal for the first day. From here we began climbing again through the woods.