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From an early age my talent for creative pursuits was apparent. Ornately designed school notebook covers, airbrushed shoes and clothing transferred to my first paying gig as a graphic designer. I began working at a screen printing factory at age 15. Preparing line art color separations in the traditional fashion, I learned the analog tools of the day - press type, stat camera, rublylith, and loads of zipatone. Work with the newer digital tools as they became available the desktop publishing revolution propelled me into a different world. While working and attending college I taught myself the use the new devices as they became available. After years of print design creating marketing communications and more specialized conceptual and production work for an exhibit design company I made the transference to on-screen design taking a position at a multi-media firm. The main foucs of my work in the last part of the 20th century became the Art Direction position held at an internet advertising agency in New York City. The use of a computer has taken it's toll on my body leading me to a redefinition of creative focus. I continue to work as a designer of print and digital projects and have been deeply involved in creating images as a photographer pursuing publication, stock agency, and fine art markets.


Have a look at my curriculum vitae for more detailed information about my education and work history.
This section contains a list of some of the clients I've had over the years and some samples of my work.

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